Fresh delectable, tasty, mouthwatering, scrumptious, palatable and delightful fruits and vegetables!  A Friendly farm with many friendly animals and friends! Rescuing animals for temporary, foster and adoption! To help our Furry Friends!


Established in 2016.

It started with the hope and dreams of saving all animals!  The owners’ family comes from a long line of farming and love animals! From saving lost dogs and bringing them back to their owners, to volunteering at many shelters in the metro area to eventually saving and stopping in the middle of road for all turtles this farm was born!

Meet the Business Owner

Deborah is one of the owners.  What inspired the owner is her love of all animals! Animal rights and stop animal abuse! Getting back to simplicity and farming! That we are all connected!

Our Story

Farming started with my Great grandfather, Clarence Moore born on June 14, 1875, in White Plains, Maryland, born 10 years after the Civil War, who I knew and loved up until his death in February 1977, when I was 15 years old. He is buried in Waldorf, Maryland.

He greatly influenced me because he was a farmer and was a millionaire when it meant something to be a millionaire being a farmer. He owned over 200 acres and made a good living raising a family of 11 children and a wife. He also took care of share croppers. He worked the ground and made great life of that. He lived to be 102 years old. My Great Grandfather, Granddaddy Moore is what we called him was a gentle soul who loved farming and was kind and humble despite his wealth.

I always admired him for his work ethic and family tradition. Granddaddy Moore was loyal to his family and friends who worked for him known as his share croppers. He gave them a roof over their head and food for their families as they worked his farm. It always saddened me but I was too young that after his death the farm was sold and developed with big corporate business taking over now known as St. Charles. No one at that time wanted to do farming.

This impacted me later in life after working as a Special Education Teacher and helping children.’ One in particular a student named, Zach, who loved me drawing pictures of animals and farms. Later working in the mental health field as Residential Counselor working with students planting vegetables and flowers how much gratification we all experienced. The love of animals as my Granddaddy Moore did as well as people inspired me to want to get into farming and back to my roots. I had always loved living in the country and being and visiting my Granddaddy, Thomas Knott, who lived on his farm in Crofton, Maryland. I longed to live on a farm from a tender age of 5 years old visiting my cousins who lived on their Valleningham Farm in Leonardtown, Maryland. Throughout my youth, I was visiting on the weekends the country and the farms and could not wait to get away from the city in which I was living at. I would do anything to get to the country farms by working on the buildings in which my Mom was a Manager of. Hard manual work did not bother me to get what I wanted!

After retiring as a teacher/counselor, I started to work with a family friend, Roy Case, who also ignited my dream to have my own farm after working with him on the farm. I would help on the farm with the day to day life baling hay, growing vegetables, helping with tractors, crops, feeding the cows, and whatever was required. Later I decided to lease a farm and to fulfill my dream to having my own farm! I have now gotten my sons, Ryan and David Schneide to love farming and animals! My daughter Rachel Hammett loves animals and adopts only rescue animals and my daughter, Jessica Hammett loves animals too. That my grandkids, Kylie, Kendyl and Maddex are continuing the rescue and love of animals. My husband, John, working on farms all his life has taught me a great deal and to seek my dream! This is my love and in my blood! I am one that once I set out to do something I will not give up and only solutions! I want to farm as my family once did and stimulate my own family and future generations into farming and keep America beautiful with open lands! Keeping the American dream alive!